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Curator Comments/Description

Poss internal class


// SMap stuff

#SMap_info Method UNIQUE ?Method    // methods used in child (optional)
           Content Homol_only // useful for -nohomol gff option
                   Feature_only // useful for -nofeature gff option
           Mapping Align Int UNIQUE Int UNIQUE Int 
                        // not needed if full alignment is ungapped
                        // one row per ungapped alignment section
                        // first int is position in parent, second in child
                        // third int is length - only necessary when gaps in both sequences align
                   Mismatch Int
                        // Int give position(s) in parent of mismatches (technically in which they will
                        // not create an error if they occur
                        // if just the tag is set without values, then accept mismatches anywhere
           Display Max_mag UNIQUE Float // don't show if more bases per line
                   Min_mag UNIQUE Float // don't show if fewer bases per line

Proposed Changes

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