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WormBase Models

Curator Comments/Description


?SAGE_tag       Evidence #Evidence
                Homol Homol_homol ?Homol_data XREF SAGE_homol ?Method Float Int UNIQUE Int Int UNIQUE Int #Homol_info
                Tag_sequence            UNIQUE Text     //tag sequence including the restriction site
                Anchoring_enzyme        UNIQUE ?Motif   //NlaIII most commonly
                Tag_length              UNIQUE Int      //14 most commonly
                Most_three_prime        // added for tags which are the most 3' in a transcript
                Unambiguously_mapped    //boolean; describes whether tag is unambiguously mapped to one SAGE transcript or to splice isoforms of the same gene at the same genomic location
                Corresponds_to  Predicted_CDS   ?CDS XREF SAGE_tag #SAGE_mapping_info
                                Gene            ?Gene XREF SAGE_tag #SAGE_mapping_info
                                Transcript      ?Transcript XREF SAGE_tag #SAGE_mapping_info
                                Pseudogene      ?Pseudogene XREF SAGE_tag #SAGE_mapping_info
                Results ?SAGE_experiment UNIQUE #SAGE_data //contains SAGE data for all experiments using the tag
                Remark ?Text #Evidence
                Method UNIQUE ?Method  //for GFF dumping

Proposed Changes

Evidence Remark Predicted_CDS