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Curator Comments/Description


// Molecule class Model - Proposed by Karen Yook WS217
// Connects to: #Phenotype_info
//              ?Gene_regulation 

?Molecule  Name ?Text
           Public_name ?Text
           Synonym ?Text
           DB_info Database ?Database ?Database_field ?Accession_number
           Gene_regulation Gene_regulator ?Gene_regulation XREF Molecule_regulator
           Affects_phenotype_of     Variation ?Variation ?Phenotype #Evidence
                                    Strain    ?Strain    ?Phenotype #Evidence
                                    Transgene ?Transgene ?Phenotype #Evidence
                                    RNAi      ?RNAi      ?Phenotype #Evidence 
           Molecule_use  ?Text  #Evidence
           Remark ?Text #Evidence

Proposed Changes

Unused tags

WS219 is the 1st data release that this will be included in.