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WormBase Models

Curator Comments/Description

Lots of unused tags, but acedb internal class.


// Basic map classes  //

?Map    No_cache // Don't cache segs for this map.
        Display Non_graphic  // Prevents a graphic display!
                Title UNIQUE ?Text
                Flipped // Then coordinates go upwards
                Unit UNIQUE Text 
                        // e.g. kb, centiMorgan, MegaParsec
                Centre UNIQUE Float UNIQUE Float  
                        // default centre, width - else 0, 10
                Extent UNIQUE Float UNIQUE Float  
                        // min, max - else min, max gene/locus
                Default_view UNIQUE ?View
                Minimal_view UNIQUE ?View // use this when >1 map displayed
                View ?View                // Columns to display
        Inherits  From_map UNIQUE ?Map    // To locally edit
                  Author Text             // login name of who created it
        Main_Marker Main_Locus ?Gene      // XREF Main_Marker removed to
                                          // allow tag2 system
                // tag2 system for items shown left of locator
        Map ?Map XREF Map_shown #Map_position  // Include all objects in these maps (must be mapped and have extents)
        Includes ?Map
        Contains Locus ?Locus XREF Map
                 Gene  ?Gene XREF Map
                 Rearrangement ?Rearrangement XREF Map
                 Contig ?Contig XREF Map
                 Clone ?Clone XREF Map
                 Sequence ?Sequence XREF Map
                 Variation ?Variation XREF Map
                 Map_shown ?Map XREF Map
                 Transgene  ?Transgene XREF Map //sdm added to display gmaps 
                // tag2 system for items shown in main region
        EMBL_chromosome UNIQUE Text

Proposed Changes