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WormBase Models

Curator Comments/Description

This is what's left over from the splitting of the class into CDS Pseudogene Transcript

Needs a good cleanup and probably the removal of this class.


// ?Locus class - krb Feb 2004
// slimmed down Locus class will initially just store Polymorphisms and gene clusters.
?Locus  Evidence #Evidence
        Name    Other_name ?Gene_name #Evidence // unidirectional link
        Species UNIQUE ?Species // added by krb 15/02/02
        Type    Polymorphism    SNP  Text               // Todd [171001 krb]
                                Status Text
                                SNP_assay ?PCR_product XREF SNP_locus ?Text
                                RFLP    Text
                                Transposon_insertion  Text
                                Detection_method Text
        Map    UNIQUE ?Map XREF Locus #Map_position
        Positive Inside_rearr ?Rearrangement XREF Locus_inside ?Author
        Negative Outside_rearr ?Rearrangement XREF Locus_outside ?Author
                 Negative_clone ?Clone XREF Negative_locus ?Author
        Mapping_data    Well_ordered            // "on the line"
                        2_point ?2_point_data
                        Multi_point ?Multi_pt_data
                        Pos_neg_data ?Pos_neg_data
//        Allele  ?Variation XREF Locus #Evidence // just for SNPs for now
        Laboratory ?Laboratory
        Remark ?Text #Evidence

Proposed Changes

Unused Tags


Name Other_name


Type Polymorphism

Type SNP

Type Status

Type SNP_assay


Type Transposon_insertion

Type Detection_method


Mapping_data Well_ordered