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WormBase Models

Curator Comments/Description


// Laboratory class  //

?Laboratory   Address Mail Text
                      Phone Text
                      E_mail Text
                      Fax Text
                      URL Text //to link to lab homepage ar2 02-DEC-05
              Clean_address #Address
// Put back Address instead of #Address because citace doesn't have
// control of Laboratory data, so anything parsed here won't be read.
// If Keith or someone with control of Laboratory data wants to parse
// it into #Address, please do so
              CGC     Representative ?Person XREF CGC_representative_for
                      Strain_designation UNIQUE Text
                      Allele_designation UNIQUE Text
                      Alleles ?Variation XREF Laboratory
                      Gene_classes ?Gene_class XREF Designating_laboratory
              Staff   Registered_lab_members ?Person XREF Laboratory   // for people with WormBase Person IDs
                      Past_lab_members ?Person XREF Old_laboratory     // for anyone who has left the field, or the circle of life
              Remark ?Text #Evidence

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