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Curator Comments/Description


// ?Interaction class for Andrei WBInteraction00000001             
// Replaces the old interaction model. The main enhancements are information about the interactors and the phenotypes
// relevant to the interaction. For the directional interactions (tags:Regulatory, Suppression, Enhancement, Epistasis) 
// the directionality of the interaction is described by the tags Effector and Effected as follows: Effector "Regulates"
// ("Suppresses", "Enhances", or "IsEpistatic To") Effected.
// For the rest of the interactions (the non-directional kind) Effector and Effected are considered equivalent.

?Interaction   Evidence #Evidence
               Interactor    ?Gene    XREF Interaction    #Interactor_info
               Interaction_type    Genetic    #Interaction_info
                                   Regulatory    #Interaction_info
                                   No_interaction    #Interaction_info
                                   Predicted_interaction    #Interaction_info
                                   Physical_interaction    #Interaction_info
                                   Suppression    #Interaction_info
                                   Enhancement    #Interaction_info
                                   Synthetic    #Interaction_info
                                   Epistasis    #Interaction_info
                                   Mutual_enhancement    #Interaction_info
                                   Mutual_suppression    #Interaction_info
               Confidence          Confidence_level        UNIQUE Float
                                   P_value                 UNIQUE Float
                                   Log_likelihood_score    UNIQUE Float
               Paper ?Paper XREF Interaction
               DB_info Database ?Database ?Database_field ?Accession_number
               Remark  ?Text   #Evidence

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