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WormBase Models

Curator Comments/Description


// Database class.  This is to be used in the construction of cgi URLs
// an RNAi object would have a Database connection  . .
// Database Phenobank GeneID 512754
//                    RNAID 3004316 
// The Phenobank Database object would have a URL_constructor
// eg "http://worm.mpi-cbg.de/phenobank2/cgi-bin/GenePage.py?GeneID=<GeneID>&RNAID=<RNAID>" 
// Combining the two would give a URL of 
// http://worm.mpi-cbg.de/phenobank2/cgi-bin/GenePage.py?GeneID=512754&RNAID=3004316

?Database  Name        UNIQUE ?Text            // name of the database
           Description UNIQUE Text             // description of database contacts
           URL         UNIQUE Text             // Link to database home page
           Email              Text             // Contact email 
           URL_constructor UNIQUE Text         // rule to build URL to specific database entry page 

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