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Curator Comments/Description


//?Condition class

?Condition Life_stage      ?Life_stage
           Sex             UNIQUE Hermaphrodite
                                  Female        //not all worms are elegans!
           Food            Text
           Exposure_time   Text
           Strain          ?Strain // added for Microarry_result [030127 krb]
           Preparation     ?Text // added for Microarray_result [030127 krb]
           Temperature     Int
           Genotype        ?Text
           Other           ?Text
           Relationship    Contains        ?Condition XREF Contained_in
                           Contained_in    ?Condition XREF Contains
                           Precedes        ?Condition XREF Follows
                           Follows         ?Condition XREF Precedes
           Reference       ?Paper  //Defines the condition.
           Tissue          ?Anatomy_term   // added for Experiment (Microarray_results)
           Treatment       ?Text // added for Experiment (Microarray_results)
           SAGE_experiment ?SAGE_experiment XREF Sample
           Analysis        ?Analysis XREF Sample 
           Remark          ?Text #Evidence

Proposed Changes