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Curator Comments/Description


//  Antibody model
// Summary records the whole description extracted from paper
// Other_name holds the antibody's name appeared in the paper, such as MH27
// XREF from ?Antibody to ?CDS class will be added after ?CDS is integrated 
// into models.wrm and gets stable.
// added by krb 031120
// Well defined antibodies will be full populated with Isolation data.  Ambigous anibodies
// will be connected to what it is believed to be by the Possible_pseudonym(_of) pair of tags
// No connection to CDS is required - just Gene is fine

?Antibody Summary ?Text #Evidence
          Other_name Text
          Gene ?Gene XREF Antibody
          Isolation Original_publication UNIQUE ?Paper
                    No_original_reference    Text //proposed by Wen
                    Person ?Person
                    Location ?Laboratory
                    Clonality UNIQUE Polyclonal Text
                                     Monoclonal Text
                    Antigen UNIQUE Peptide Text
                                   Protein Text
                                   Other_antigen Text
                    Animal UNIQUE Rabbit
                                  Other_animal Text
          Possible_pseudonym ?Antibody XREF Possible_pseudonym_of
          Possible_pseudonym_of ?Antibody XREF Possible_pseudonym
          Expr_pattern ?Expr_pattern XREF Antibody_info
          Gene_regulation ?Gene_regulation XREF Antibody_info
          Reference ?Paper XREF Antibody
          Remark ?Text #Evidence 

Proposed Changes