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== Proposed Changes ==
== Proposed Changes ==
=== unused tags ===

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Curator Comments/Description


// ?Anatomy_term class
// a model to store cell and anatomy ontology terms and relationships
// ?Anatomy_term object names should be in the form of WBca:1234567

?Anatomy_term   Evidence #Evidence
                Version UNIQUE Int UNIQUE Int
                Definition UNIQUE ?Text #Evidence
                Term UNIQUE ?Anatomy_name XREF Name_for_anatomy_term #Evidence
                Synonym ?Anatomy_name XREF Synonym_for_anatomy_term #Evidence
                Legacy Cell ?Cell XREF Anatomy_term
                       Embryo_division_time Text
                       Fate    Cell_type  ?Text        // e.g. muscle, neuron,hypodermis, gland
                               Program ?Text           //division, differentiation, death, and differs between sexes
                               Syncitial_cell ?Anatomy_term XREF Nucleus //see Cell_group,
                       Lineage Parent_term  UNIQUE  ?Anatomy_term XREF Daughter_term
                               Daughter_term      ?Anatomy_term XREF Parent_term
                               Lineage_name    Text
                               Equivalence_fate ?Anatomy_term XREF Equivalence_origin
                               Equivalence_origin ?Anatomy_term XREF Equivalence_fate
                               Sex_dimorphism Herm_origin ?Anatomy_term XREF Herm_fate // Added according to Sylvia 5/06/2000
                                              Herm_fate ?Anatomy_term XREF Herm_origin
                                              Male_origin ?Anatomy_term XREF Male_fate
                                              Male_fate ?Anatomy_term XREF Male_origin
                       Life_stage ?Life_stage XREF Anatomy_term
                       Tree_Node ?TreeNode XREF Anatomy_term
                       Cell_group ?Cell_group XREF Anatomy_term
                       Contains Cell_term ?Anatomy_term XREF Sub_group
                                Nucleus ?Anatomy_term XREF Syncitial_cell //for syncitia like hyp7
                                Sub_group ?Anatomy_term XREF Contained_in
                       Contained_in ?Anatomy_term XREF Sub_group
                Reconstruction ?Reconstruction XREF Anatomy_term #ReconCellInfo
                Neurodata ?Anatomy_term #Neurodata
                Link_diagram Text
                Database     ?Database  ?Database_field ?Accession_number 
                URL     Text // for storing static URLs, such as WormAtlas, WormBook
                Child   PART_OF_c       ?Anatomy_term   XREF    PART_OF_p
                        IS_A_c  ?Anatomy_term   XREF    IS_A_p
                        DESCENDENT_OF_c ?Anatomy_term   XREF    DESCENDENT_OF_p
                        DESC_IN_HERM_c  ?Anatomy_term   XREF    DESC_IN_HERM_p
                        DESC_IN_MALE_c  ?Anatomy_term   XREF    DESC_IN_MALE_p
                        DEVELOPS_FROM_c ?Anatomy_term   XREF    DEVELOPS_FROM_p
                Parent  PART_OF_p       ?Anatomy_term   XREF    PART_OF_c
                        IS_A_p  ?Anatomy_term   XREF    IS_A_c
                        DESCENDENT_OF_p ?Anatomy_term   XREF    DESCENDENT_OF_c
                        DESC_IN_HERM_p  ?Anatomy_term   XREF    DESC_IN_HERM_c
                        DESC_IN_MALE_p  ?Anatomy_term   XREF    DESC_IN_MALE_c
                        DEVELOPS_FROM_p ?Anatomy_term   XREF    DEVELOPS_FROM_c
                Attribute_of    Expr_pattern    ?Expr_pattern   XREF    Anatomy_term
                                Expression_cluster ?Expression_cluster XREF Anatomy_term #Evidence 
                                GO_term ?GO_term XREF Anatomy_term ?AO_code #Evidence
                                Reference       ?Paper  XREF Anatomy_term
                                Function Anatomy_function ?Anatomy_function XREF Involved
                                         Anatomy_function_not ?Anatomy_function XREF Not_involved
                Attribute_index Expr_ancestor ?Expr_pattern  //attribute assigned to broader terms
                                Expr_descendent ?Expr_pattern
                                GO_ancestor ?GO_term         //attribute assigned to narrower terms
                                GO_descendent ?GO_term
                Index   Ancestor ?Anatomy_term XREF Descendent  //store ancestors of relationship IS_A and PART_OF
                        Descendent ?Anatomy_term XREF Ancestor  //store descendents of relationship IS_A and PART_OF
                Remark  ?Text #Evidence

Proposed Changes

unused tags