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Curator Comments/Description


// Anatomy_function class for Raymond 
// allow the connection between ?Anatomy_term, ?Phenotype (proxy of biological function), and
// ?Gene and still give some information about the experiment itself.
//name shall be "WBbtf0001"

?Anatomy_function Assay ?AO_code XREF Anatomy_function ?Condition
                  Phenotype UNIQUE ?Phenotype XREF Anatomy_function #Anatomy_function_info
                  Gene UNIQUE ?Gene XREF Anatomy_function #Evidence //use Published_as tag
                  Body_part Involved ?Anatomy_term XREF Anatomy_function #Anatomy_function_info
                            Not_involved ?Anatomy_term XREF Anatomy_function_not #Anatomy_function_info
                  Remark Text #Evidence
                  Reference UNIQUE ?Paper XREF Anatomy_function

#Anatomy_function_info Autonomous Text
                       Nonautonomous Text
                       Sufficient Text
                       Insufficient Text
                       Necessary Text
                       Unnecessary Text
                       Remark Text

Proposed Changes