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Curator Comments/Description


// Accession_number
// Small class to track lots of different accessions which are not just EMBL/GenBank accessions. 
// E.g. they can be: SGD ORF ids, GenBank GI numbers, protein IDs, Ensembl identifiers, swissprot 
// accessions *and* swissprot identifiers etc.
// Many classes will first reference the ?Accession_number class by specifying both
// a database name and a database field/qualifier to help clarify, e.g.
// Protein "WP:CE23172"
// Database TREMBL TrEMBL_AC Q9N2U8
//          WormPep WORMPEP_ID WP:CE23172

?Accession_number  Entry Sequence ?Sequence     
                         CDS ?CDS
                         Transcript ?Transcript
                         Pseudogene ?Pseudogene 
                         Protein ?Protein
                         Motif ?Motif
                         Clone ?Clone // added [031120 krb]
                         Homology_group // added [031120 krb]
                         3d_data ?3d_data
                         Structure_data ?Structure_data
                   Web_location ?Database // use for WWW display

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