WormBase-Caltech Weekly Calls June 2013

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June 6, 2013

IWM Posters

  • Looking into cost of fabric printing: one vendor offers 44" x 44" fabric poster printing for $139; will check other vendors
  • Template sent around to staff@wormbase.org

Data Upload Scheme

  • Coordinate model changes that affect OA dumpers (with Juancarlos) well in advance of model freeze and upload deadline
  • Model freeze on Friday, testing until Tuesday, upload all tested data by 10am Tuesday for Citace build
  • Next freeze, Friday July 12th, upload for citace Tuesday July 16th, Wen submits Citace to Hinxton on Friday July 19th
  • Maybe we can develop a more explicit pipeline for testing all model changes before upload
    • CVS repository (or elsewhere?) there can be a list/summary of all classes that are affected by any new model changes

Process OA

  • Need to update dumper for Historical_gene


  • Good if curators can run through the "Take a Tour" tutorial
  • For the IWM, we can request:
    • Changes to interface appearance and field/attribute titles
    • New attributes of existing classes, but not entirely new classes
  • We will request another tutorial from JD

June 13, 2013

OA Drop Down menus

  • Juancarlos and Karen were discussing creation of a form to allow curators to update/edit drop down lists
  • Many curators are fine with leaving drop down options hard coded into the OA
  • The drop-down field and the auto-complete field could be merged into a single field type, allowing both behavior
  • Existing drop down menu lists need to be formatted into an OBO file and updated accordingly
  • Curators need to be careful about deleting terms or changing names of terms (particularly if there are associated annotations)

New curator responsibilities?

  • Transgenes, Phenotypes
  • Expression pattern sequences
  • Gold-standard enhancers/binding sites/regulatory regions

Standing/ergonomic desks

  • Can look at options
  • Free-standing desks
  • Adjustable height
  • Desk top monitor lifters?

Poster printing

  • Fabric printing comparable in cost to paper
  • UCLA printing center accepts Powerpoint files
  • ~$127 for a 44" x 44" poster (on fabric)
  • Will ask about ironing after folding (to remove creases) and quality checking procedure

Slight modification to Curation Status Form

June 20, 2013

New Spica machine

  • IP address:
  • Seems to be running smoothly
  • Testing welcomed

Poster printing

  • We will submit posters to Caltech Graphics department this afternoon
  • Collect comments and polish off posters this morning
  • Submit PowerPoint files and JPEGs

Nobel Lectures

  • Trying to get access to Nobel lectures

Unit Tests being put in place

  • Web team working on setting up unit testing to catch database problems before they make it on the web