WormBase-Caltech Weekly Calls January 2022

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January 13th, 2022

tm variation - gene associations

  • Update on progress and some questions for the Caltech curators
  • Background: not all variations were being associated with genes in the OA table because some of those associations are in WS but not in geneace, so weren't coming through in the nightly geneace dump. Some variation-gene associations are made as part of the VEP pipeline during the build.
  • Wen now downloads several full ACeDB classes from the latest WS release in the form of .ace files so we can also have whatever information is in WS. Raymond wrote a script to sync those files to tazendra for further processing/use.
  • A few questions that we want to confirm before going forward:
    • In the WS variations file, there are 2,130,801 total variations (1,911,339 total Live) while in postgres there are currently 106,080.
      • Only include Status = Live variations?
      • Include regardless of whether there is an associated gene (this seems to be the current practice?).
      • Currently, some variations with a given Method, e.g. Million_mutation, are NOT included. We would continue this filtering.
        • SNP
        • WGS_Hawaiian_Waterston
        • WGS_Pasadena_Quinlan
        • WGS_Hobert
        • Million_mutation
        • WGS_Yanai
        • WGS_De_Bono
        • WGS_Andersen
        • WGS_Flibotte
        • WGS_Rose
      • Do we want other filters?
    • For genes, the ace file contains ALL the gene objects in WB regardless of species.
      • We've recently had an author request, via the Acknowledge pipeline, to associate genes of other, less well studied Caenorhabditis species, e.g. C. inopinata, to their paper.
      • Do we want all Caenorhabditis (and other nematode) species genes in our various gene tables, e.g. obo, paper? Any other species?
      • The effect on the autocomplete, if we include all, probably won't be a problem 1,018,332 vs 306116)
      • Some of the gene ids from other species don't have 'WBGene' prefixes, e.g. Sp34_10109610. Should we keep this in a separate table from genes with 'WBGene' prefixes?

January 20th, 2022

Proposal for updating gene and variation information from WS releases


  • Have two tables:
    • One continues as is - contains only ids for the core nematode species (all have WBGene ids)
    • Second, new table - contains non-WGene ids for comparator nematode genomes
      • Include other elegans and remanei strains?
    • Would not include ids for non-WB (and WBParaSite) genomes, e.g. Drosophila or budding yeast


  • Include all variations that have a value for:
    • Method - current filters applied (filter SNP, Million_mutation, WGS's)
    • Species - all
    • Status - include all three status values (Live, Dead, Suppressed)
  • Whether a variation has a gene association doesn't matter (not a filter criteria for postgres)
  • From Paul D. - a number of variations in geneace were not making their way as individual objects to WS during the build and so were only created in WS via xref (hence the lack of other information). He's updated geneace with Species and other information wherever possible for the next build.
  • Variation merges are infrequent; previous ones may have been due to nameserver issues
  • New Methods arise infrequently, but we could check our parsing script against the list of Methods in each release to make sure we're up-to-date. Would need an inclusion and exclusion list.

January 27th, 2022

C. elegans BioCyc

  • Schedule a demo session with Peter Karp
  • Monday, Thursday, Friday mornings work for him and his team
  • Caltech preference?