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July 14th, 2022

Reference and Person Evidence

  • We need to know how best to move forward with ?Reference and ?Person evidence in the context of data exchange between WB and the Alliance
  • Does A-team need to connect those WB Persons to be able to populate data in the Alliance curation db ?
    • If so, can it wait until we have proper persons ?
    • If not, when we have persons later will the data be reconnected to Person objects ?
  • Where does data come from, which we call Person_evidence ? Some forms ? Direct emails ? Other sources ?
  • For author curation/verification, what evidence do we want to use?
  • Can we create Paper objects for the actual emails or other forms of communication (figure out details of when and what requirements), but keep Person_evidence for form submissions ?
  • How much will it muddy things to create Paper objects for emails, e.g. how will it affect NLP downstream, do we need PDFs ?
  • If we create personal communication References at Alliance only do we also want them as WBPapers, or will we just keep ?Person evidence at WB?
  • Are we okay with conflating Person data and Paper data in Reference at the Alliance. That is, duplicating the same data as a Person and as a Reference.

How to look up balancers (Df / Dp) in WB (PWS/Ryan Baugh)

June 30, 2022

June 23, 2022

Helpdesk tickets

SOba in Alliance

GCBR application due 8th Aug

Prepare for grant; nice pics for metrics eg https://pharos.nih.gov

Should Alliance gene & allele model have Clone/Sequence name as an attribute?

May 26, 2022

WormBase user survey

May 12, 2022

Subcellular localization field

  • WB has 2 separate free text fields to capture anatomical and subcellular localization statements but obviously the boundaries are fuzzy, see the example below where the statement belongs to both- there are many examples.

“miR-228 is expressed in the germline and preferentially localizes to the nuclear periphery.”

  • Other MODs do not make such distinction.
  • Daniela is asking the group advice to see if there is any objection in merging the 2 fields and slot the paragraph descriptions in the ExpressionExperimentStatement in LinkML.
  • Decision: Keep just one field that will take care of both anatomical expression and subcellular localization

    is_a: EntityStatement

    description: >-

      Free-text describing some aspect(s) of a gene's expression, particularly

      nuanced information that is not readily captured in annotations.

      This statement's scope is limited to the associated ExpressionExperiment.

    notes: >-

      Inherits: statement_subject, statement_type, statement_text, references.



        range: ExpressionExperiment