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November 4 2021

Migrating Paper Pipeline to Alliance

  • Meeting abstracts
    • Continuing to review what we have and standardize bibliographic info before we migrate
    • QC checks highlight some older abstracts with little-to-no data - propose to invalidate these so we don't migrate poor quality paper data to the Alliance
    • We can always respond to individual requests to add old meeting abstracts if they arise

November 11 2021

WS284 upload dates for Caltech

  • When are files due for the Caltech group?


  • WS284 upload-Better to upload before the holidays or in Jan 2022
  • Wen will contact Paul D/Hinxton to find out when the WS284 models will be released

November 18 2021

Proposal for upgrading tanzendra/mangolassi computing resources

1. Move them to Chen. (done)
  monitor stability of network
Old hardware and out of support OS (Ubuntu 14.04)
2. Establish a development environment for Dockerizing services (curation OA, other web forms, postgres DB)
  (use Valerio's local server/desktop)
3. Establish a local file server for storage and download access (PDFs, dump files)
4. Run dockerized services from AWS
5. Continuous development and integration locally -> AWS