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March 4, 2021

Webinar Monday

  • Juancarlos can send a reminder email; he just needs the text for the body of the email message
  • Can we send the webinar reminder to WB staff? Cannot use staff@wormbase.org to register
  • Raymond will try to remember to forward to staff

Neural Network (NN) evaluation

  • Kimberly (and other curators) looking through NN results
  • Had previously prevented LOW scoring SVMs(?) from being sent to authors
  • We need an agreed upon protocol for evaluation
  • To avoid bias, we should randomly sample papers; usually will find negatives; how do we represent high, medium and low-scoring papers in the set without making curators review >> 100 papers?
  • Michael will come up with protocol and send around list of papers for each data type (in Google Doc)
  • Perhaps evaluation should happen on non-curated, newer papers