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Feb 4th, 2021

How the "duplicate" function works in OAs with respect to object IDs (Ranjana and Juancarlos)

  • A word of caution: when you duplicate a row, for those OAs with Object IDs (eg., WBGenotype00000014) note that the object ID gets duplicated as well and does not advance to the next ID like the PGID does
  • If you do use the "duplicate" function, remember to manually change the Object ID
  • We can implement checks to make sure distinct annotations/objects don't share the same ID

GAF Wiki and headers

Missing references in expression GAFs

  • ~300 missing from anatomy association file and ~45 missing from development association file
  • Daniela looking into missing refs; many are personal communications or very old papers
  • Will change ?Expr_pattern model to possibly remove ?Author reference and add in a ?Person reference instead
    • 399 objects in WS279 reference an author; Daniela will take a look
  • Would be good to have some reference for those objects in the GAF file on the FTP site; could use WBPerson when ready

Feb 11th, 2021

Alliance Literature Paper Tags

  • What do we definitely want to transfer to the Alliance?
  • Alliance literature group spreadsheet
  • Current flags vs legacy flags
  • Can we map everything to the proposed hierarchy or do we need to add some more classes?

Author data in Expr_pattern

  • 27 objects missing reference (personal communications)
    • Even if we capture the WBPerson in the Person tag, how are we submitting these to Alliance? The evidence required by the expression JSON spec (and other specs) must be a publication, as defined by the publicationRef.json. If there's no PMID for a publication listed as evidence, a MOD ID will suffice for the "publicationId" but we have no WBPaperID created for such objects.
    • One way to solve this: Daniela can go over the list and see if the initial personal communication resulted in a publication later on. One example is Expr181 (expression of cpl-1 in hypodermis and pharynx), communicated via email by Sarwar Hashmi in 2000, Expr450 (expression of cpl-1 in hypodermis, intestine) communicated by Britton in 2001. The pattern was published in 2002 by Hashmi and Britton in 2002 (WBPaper00005099). Daniela can then associate WBPaper00005099 to Expr181 and Expr450.
    • The solution above still does not work for all: An example is lad-2 personal communication from Oliver Hobert, 2002. Later published by Lishia Chen (2008). Removing Oliver’s personal communication will remove evidence of data provenance from the Hobert’s lab. Unless Oliver published this in a paper that was eluded from our flagging system (e.g. flagged SVM negative).
    • Daniela can go over the entire list and contact the authors for such cases.