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Feb 4th, 2021

How the "duplicate" function works in OAs with respect to object IDs (Ranjana and Juancarlos)

  • A word of caution: when you duplicate a row, for those OAs with Object IDs (eg., WBGenotype00000014) note that the object ID gets duplicated as well and does not advance to the next ID like the PGID does
  • If you do use the "duplicate" function, remember to manually change the Object ID
  • We can implement checks to make sure distinct annotations/objects don't share the same ID

GAF Wiki and headers

Missing references in expression GAFs

  • ~300 missing from anatomy association file and ~45 missing from development association file
  • Daniela looking into missing refs; many are personal communications or very old papers
  • Will change ?Expr_pattern model to possibly remove ?Author reference and add in a ?Person reference instead
    • 399 objects in WS279 reference an author; Daniela will take a look
  • Would be good to have some reference for those objects in the GAF file on the FTP site; could use WBPerson when ready

Feb 11th, 2021

Alliance Literature Paper Tags

  • What do we definitely want to transfer to the Alliance?
  • Alliance literature group spreadsheet
  • Current flags vs legacy flags
  • Can we map everything to the proposed hierarchy or do we need to add some more classes?