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August 6th, 2020

Experimental conditions data flow into Alliance

  • Experimental conditions in disease annotations: WB has inducers (used to recapitulate the disease condition) and modifiers (a modifier can ameliorate, exacerbate, or have no effect, on the disease condition)
  • We use the WB Molecule CV for Inducers and Modifiers in disease annotation
  • Experimental conditions in phenotype annotations: are free text (captured in remarks); will probably need to formalize later on
  • So for data flow into Alliance:
    • In the short term we will load the Molecule CV into the Alliance (Ranjana and Michael P. will work on this)
    • Groups will switch to using common data model that works for all and common ontology/ontologies in the near future.
  • How do we handle genetic sex? Part of condition?
    • Condition has been intended for external/environmental conditions, whereas genetic sex is inherent to the organism of study
    • Expression pattern curation needs genetic sex; needs a model at the Alliance for capturing sex

August 13, 2020

Species in Postgres and ACEDB/Datomic

  • We currently have many Postgres tables for storing species lists:
    • pap_species_index
    • obo_name_ncbitaxonid
    • obo_name_taxon