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GoToMeeting link: https://www.gotomeet.me/wormbase1

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April 2, 2020

Community phenotype requests

  • March 9-28
  • 2,548 emails went out; 89 bounced; 6 resent; 13 backup; 2,478 successful emails
  • 361 annotations overall
  • 48 papers requested received curation (2% response rate)
  • 53 distinct papers overall (5 papers without request)
  • 53 distinct persons overall

Community curation volunteers

  • Tracking volunteers here
  • 14 volunteers so far, all have been assigned a WBPerson ID
  • Chris will set up a webinar tutorial in the coming week or two

AFP pipeline

  • Will resend email requests to authors that haven't already responded
  • May also send out for older papers
  • May work with people to help
  • Does the old AFP form still work? It should
  • If someone has a link to the old form, they won't get one for the new form
  • Maybe could set up an automatic redirect from the old form to the new form
  • Received many submissions recently (>20% response rate)

Genotype OA

  • Need to work on dumper
  • Turns out semicolons are problematic (currently in genotypes and transgenes) for object names (ontology fields)
  • Ampersands (&) are also problematic for object names in the OA