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October 3, 2019

SObA comparison graphs

  1. What terms (nodes) are annotated to gene 1 and what terms to gene 2
  2. For a given term, what is the relative number of annotations between gene 1 and gene 2.
  3. For a given node, what is the relative number of annotations each gene has to the total annotations of that gene.
  • # 3 is actually what we applied to size the nodes in the single-gene version of SObA. Thus, not surprisingly, I think it is important.
  • Generally people like Prototype 2 as a default view; we could possibly have a toggle to see the other view
  • In either case users need a good legend and/or documentation
  • Jae, it would be good if a user could specifically highlight nodes specific to each gene and gray-out or de-emphasize the common nodes

Germ line discussion

  • Currently, the anatomy ontology has "germ line" as a type of "Cell" and a type of "Tissue", and "germ cell" as a type of "germ line"
  • Chris would like to (1) remove "germ line" from under "Cell" and leave it under "Tissue" and (2) move "germ cell" out from under "germ line" and place directly under "Cell"
  • Chris will update pull request to include a change to move "germline precursor cell" out from under "germ line" and place it under "Cell" (done)

Script to remove blank entries from Postgres

  • Chris stumbled across several entries in the OA that were blank (empty strings) or consisted of only whitespace, some of which were causing errors upon upload to ACEDB
  • Juancarlos has written a script to look for all such entries; 66 tables have them on sandbox (likely same on live OA)
  • Does anyone object to removing these entries throughout Postgres?
  • Juancarlos will remove all the empty fields identified by his script