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GoToMeeting link: https://www.gotomeet.me/wormbase1

2019 Meetings



March 21, 2019

IWM 2019 workshop


  • Start with gene page, that's when you have a single gene --Kimberly
  • Then go on to data mining, for multiple genes--SimpleMine, WormMine, Parasite BioMart etc --Wen and Chris
  • Then you can also visualize data with these tools-WoBR, SoBA, etc
  • If you are interested in other species, find cross-species data at the Alliance --Ranjana
  • Help us curate your data! End with community curation-New Author First pass form, community curation forms--Daniela

I think we have a good flow here, can keep thinking about this. Ranjana will shorten abstract and submit final list first week of April.

IWM 2019 swag ideas

  • WormBase sticker
    • Micropub folks have done stickers, in Paul's office, take a look
    • Daniela will look into this, pricing and time
  • Gary's ideas:
    • Screen cleaning cloths with community curation theme on them, he will send around the picture
    • Water bottles for the top community curators
    • Fidget spinners, with the WB picture in the middle
    • Gary will talk to Daniel to see if he can help with finding sellers/prices

We could do them all , a mixture, depending on the budget, need to ask Paul S. what the budget is for IWM swag

March 7, 2019

IWM workshop

  • Still haven't heard back from organizers yet

IWM swag

  • Think of ideas for the meeting


  • Local upload to Spica is Tuesday, March 12th, 10am Pacific

Trustworthy data repositories workshop

  • Chris will go to NIH, April 8 and 9
  • To discuss trustworthiness standards for data repositories