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GoToMeeting link: https://www.gotomeet.me/wormbase1

2019 Meetings

January 11th, 2019

WB workshop at IWM 2019

Here's a draft, need to finalize as Jan 15th is the deadline

Possible Title 1: Data in WormBase and how to query it
Possible Title 2: WormBase 2019 - Data, Tools and Community Curation
This workshop aims to give users an overview of the types of data in WormBase and how to query them using different tools. We will also present recent updates 
to our community annotation forms where we have incorporated text-mining in order to improve ease of use of these forms.

1:00 pm  Keep your widgets open: a wealth of gene-related data on the gene page
	       Gene function, expression and disease models - Ranjana Kishore
1:10 pm Use the right tool for the right data
	      Get simple lists using SimpleMine - Wen Chen
               Tissue enrichment analysis tools - Kimberly Van Auken
	      Tools for RNA seq data - Wen Chen
	      Get batch gene data using the WormBase Ontology Browser - Raymond Lee
	      Get the big picture: visualize annotations using the SOBA tool -Raymond Lee
1.50 pm  WormBase ParaSite: Exploring lots of genomes - Kevin Howe

2.00 pm  Find cross-species data at the Alliance of Genome Research - Chris Grove

2.10 pm  Be a Community Curator: submit your data to WormBase - Daniela Raciti

2.10-2.30pm. Open forum for questions

January 3, 2019

WS270 Citace upload

  • Next Tuesday, Jan 8th, 10am Pacific

Gene descriptions

  • Valerio generated new files to ignore/filter-out problematic genes
  • Still need to validate new pipeline
  • Barring any major issues, will submit new files for WS270 (can load old files if needed)
  • Maybe should define a test set (random sample) to test each release? Already have a test set

Protege Tutorial