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2018 Meetings





May 3, 2018

SimpleMine output

  • Wen was working on simplification of SimpleMine output
  • Considering removing general terms in an ontology when more specific terms exist
  • Concern that we would be removing information; will keep terms

SPELL topics

  • Topics in SPELL need some organization, possibly trimming
  • We could create a graph (SObA) display of topics (based on GO process)

SPELL problem with WS265

  • Wen had to debug; SPELL has limit of how many genes can be processed per data set (46,340)
  • Wen trying to accommodate, deleting some genes from data set that had no expression (kludge)
  • Wen will write to Matt Hibbs to ask how to deal with
  • Will Alliance work together on a system to analyze large scale expression data?

Curator candidate

  • Will arrive at 10am
  • Skype calls with remote curators
  • Curators will send group Skype handle and requested time to talk

May 10, 2018

ECO terms for genome editing

  • Asking group's feedback on ECO terms for genome editing