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GoToMeeting link: https://www.gotomeet.me/wormbase1

2018 Meetings




April 5, 2018


  • Todd would like access to run GoToMeetings
  • Chris can send access credentials and GoToMeeting calendar details

Data Mining Tool comparison

Neuro Topic Meeting

  • Submitting abstract for meeting, due April 13
  • Wen will submit an abstract

Rutgers worm meeting

  • We spoke to Andrew Singson; mentioned Rutgers meeting
  • Kimberly will look into joining/speaking

Andy Golden disease and phenotype submission

  • Andy had sent a sample file of alleles with disease and phenotype data
  • Chris discussed phenotype details with Andy
  • Andy will eventually send bulk data submission

Chen Institute furniture meeting

  • Today at new building; reviewing office furniture
  • Ranjana and Valerio will go

Alliance curation

  • Paul needs to present on 5-year Alliance plan
  • Maybe could discuss curation plan


  • Troyanskaya lab; have we been in touch?
  • They may have new version that can be used
  • Paul S. will see her soon; will ask about it

Alliance Entity Summaries

  • Have been working on gene summaries
  • Do we want to start working on summaries for other entities, like variations?
  • Ranjana can put together some proposal

Alliance Tutorial

  • For reverse-site SAB meeting (April 23), need a sample query/tutorial
  • April has worked on a script for a tutorial; maybe we can use

April 12, 2018

Preliminary AGR Tutorial

Alliance data refresh

  • Data refresh for 1.4 release
  • Is this for databases that have more frequent updates, such as daily updates? Does this apply to WB at all? Have to ask Kevin Howe if WB will have a data refresh.

Phenotype graph bug