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November 3, 2016

Micropublication update

  • First Nemametrix micro in for WS257
  • Two lined up for WS258
  • Karen and Daniela in touch with e-publishing platforms (HighWire [1], Collaborative knowledge foundation[2]), to set up collaborations for the Micropublication: biology e-journal [3]
  • Discussing putting worm breeder's gazette articles into micropublications
  • Collaborative knowledge foundation is a non-profit publisher, some former member of Highwire
  • Would be good to have a faster way to display micropublications (standard WB pipeline needs at least 4 months)
    • Could use content management systems (CMSs)
  • Maybe will propose a workshop for the 2017 international C. elegans meeting

Intellectual (Person) Lineage

Tim Schedl visiting WB tomorrow

  • Will come to WB CIT around 11:30am

November 10, 2016

Update from AGR portal use case working group

  • Preparing document for the Dec. 6th leadership meeting
  • Need to address several questions about prototype development process
  • Communication has been insufficient, leading to a lag in use case implementation and possibly off-target expectations
  • Working group would like to know:
    • What are the boundaries of responsibility for the use case working group?
    • Will there be a data integration working group to collect data as required for a use case?
    • What group or groups does the use case working group need to hand off tasks to?
    • What overall decisions about technologies need to be made about AGR before implementing use cases?

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