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November 6, 2014

Cleaning up obsolete life stages

  • Old life stages in ACEDB as string name instead of life stage ID
  • Have been cleaned up

Updating Curation Status Form

  • Textpresso string matches have been included in the form
  • Papers flagged as positive by string matching are included as positives for the indicated data type. Curatable papers not flagged are considered flagged negative (so looking at the stats page for "any flagged" will look like all papers have been flagged, if the string flagging method is selected.

Community Annotation Approaches

  • Working on tables and forms
  • Will be good to reach out to community (Paul's lab and others)
  • Need to consider how we handle controlled vocabularies and ontologies
  • Need to see how users/community are able to find the appropriate term for each
  • Distinguish between publisher-mandated submission and voluntary submission
  • We want to take advantage of the existing data submission forms wherever possible
  • Idea: include a link to data submission forms from data widgets within the WormBase website
  • Chris working with Textpresso to identify ontology terms from paper text for suggestion to community annotators

Construct object submission in OA

  • There have been some problems up until yesterday (Nov 5) where the OA wasn't appropriately taking in ?Construct entries
  • Curators can work with Juancarlos to pull up annotation history to double check that data was entered properly