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February 6, 2014


  • Topic Curation
    • WS243,244: Innate immunity and response to pathogens
    • WS242: miRNA pathway
    • WS241: UPR pathways
    • using the caltech FTP site for storing topic page pathway images for the web team. Where is it, what information do we want to include, can we use this to track history of pathways?
    • model change to put topics in hierarchical structure.
  • File cabinets in hallway?
  • Variations that have lost a public_name due to Million Mutation processing in WS240.
    • What to do with ones that have phenotypes attached, should they have their public_names restored, so we can see them in our OA dropdown lists?
> WBVar00249046 former public-name sy5417
> WBVar00275318 former public-name y87
> WBVar00275321 former public_name y95
> WBVar00000714 former public_names cb107, cbs107
> WBVar00000718 former public_names cb111, cbs111
> WBVar00000716 former public_names cb109, cbs109
> WBVar00000720 former public_names cb113, cbs113
> e2518 is an other_name of WBVar0014462
> g320 is an other_name of WBVar00017601
  • Models meeting in Toronto March 10-11

Gene Association files

  • Life stage-gene associations
  • Capturing relations (e.g. "involved_in") in GAF; how to do that for life stage?
  • What search tool do we plan for e.g. "what genes are expressed in a particular neuron AND during dauer larval stage?"

we can use WormMine. Example query: http://www.wormbase.org/tools/wormmine/template.do?name=Anatomy_LS_Genes&scope=all

  • Expression data model needs updating to capture BOTH place AND time of gene expression

Pathway images on topic pages

  • Do we store/supply a flat image file for the web team?
  • Store image files on the FTP site? Canopus, nightly mirroring
  • Release-specific directories/images? OICR needs to know and handle
  • Daniela's images are collected cumulatively; Wen's are overwritten
  • May be an issue embedding iFrame interactive viewer

Variations losing public names

  • Million Mutation project, variations getting renamed
  • Distinguishing natural variants vs. lab-induced alleles
  • Merging event (natural variants at same location merged), existing names become "Other_name"s
  • Can we have a mechanism in place to decide one Public_name if there are multiple? Temporal precedence?
  • First published name can be official Public_name?
  • decided to leave things as they are

February 13, 2014


  • Infection model discussion--Advantages/disadvantages to curating to the level of strain for pathogens like Bacteria, Fungi etc) (Ranjana)

Please see http://wiki.wormbase.org/index.php/Modeling_data_for_Infectious_agents

  • Do we create non-nematode Strain objects here at Caltech? (Ranjana)
    • (Mary Ann) As far as I can see, no. But I don't see a reason why you can't if there is a need. We will simply need to make sure you know the right curation format, which for non-nematode strains is a bit vague. I am talking to Aric shortly about the Db11 strain you sent me earlier this week.