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= February 24th, 2022 =
== MovieURL tag in Expression model ==
= March 10, 2022 =
* There are 32 objects which have a MovieURL tag. These point to glowworm movies.
*Daniela wants to get rid of the Movie_URL tag for Alliance expression harmonization purposes.
*Initially thinking to create movie objects for those but each link points to multiple 4D movies on glowworm that need a special software for viewing (cytoshow.org).
*In addition, the Glowworm pages list the original WB expression ID
*Proposal: Move the link currently stored in the Movie URL tag in the Pattern description field so that the pattern description will now read: Click the movie links below for interactive 4D movies of a fluorescence reporter. http://glowormnotes.blogspot.com/2009/11/aff-1gfp-transcriptional-fusion.html
== Update on Biocyc linking from WormBase (Kimberly) ==
*Proposal accepted: work with Juancarlos to properly dump the URL
== Wormicloud for Alliance (Valerio/Jae) ==
= February 10th, 2022 =
== Wormicloud Improvement (Jae) ==
== WormBase Publications ==
*Wen & Adam are working on two widgets:
*About WormBase -> Publications lists all publications by WormBase. There will be two sections. Section 1 lists papers about WormBase overviews. Section 2 lists papers about specific software, data, and ontology.
*About WormBase -> Citing WormBase lists the most current references for WormBase and specific software/data/ontology
*Any feedback on this plan?
== Picture class in geneace ==
* Paul D noticed that we dump the Picture class from Geneace. Probably historical. The  Picture class is currently dumped from citace so this seems redundant and also gives the opportunity for data conflict. If no objections I can tell him to retire.
**Decision: ok to retire from geneace
= February 3rd, 2022 =
== Updated variations info on mangolassi OA ==
*Juancarlos and Kimberly added more variation data to the OA tables on mangolassi
*Did everyone who wants to, get a chance to test? (email went out last Friday, the 28th)
*Okay to merge changes on to tazendra?

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