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== March 5, 2020 ==
=== WormBase curation ===
== April 2, 2020 ==
* Tim Schedl: WB needs to do more curation for phenotype and variation
* Doing community curation, but not fast enough
* Would like to work on more automation; e.g. having Textpresso return all sentences mentioning an allele in papers that are predicted to have phenotype data
=== Alaksa ===
=== Community phenotype requests ===
* Joesph may be able to meet with Raymond
* How can the tool be maintained? If it can't it needs to be pulled
=== Single cell expression tool ===
* Tool is here: http://de.wormcells.com/
* What do we need to consider for pulling into WormBase?
* Where does the data sit and how does the tool access it? Can we integrate the data more into WormBase (e.g. local curation databases)?
** Would want it to be in sync with WormBase releases
** May not need to reprocess with every release with current (small-ish) data set
* Fully integrated tool versus an embedded tool?
=== Name service updates ===
* For now we will stick to the CGIs that Juancarlos has built for variations and strains
* Juancarlos can discuss with Matt R. and Sibyl the possibility of integrating API requests to the Name service into a CGI form for the OA
== March 12, 2020 ==
=== Cancelled meetings ===
* Meetings are being cancelled, including Biocuration 2020. Ranjana will update our Wormbase meeting page with a note to users (done)
* We should start doing online advertisement for micropublications with webinars
=== Storing invalid/avoided WBPersons and email addresses in Postgres ===
* Currently Chris has been maintaining ([https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FHhQk_IZIBLYkOUdVf9Kfh5zx66rkHOEVFQQ6wzT2ks/edit?usp=sharing on Google sheets]) a list of papers, people, and email addresses to omit from future WormBase outreach requests
* Valerio would like to add these to Postgres to keep a more central repository of them
* Chris would still like to be able to readily update/edit the content of those lists
* Proposed solutions: Keep the list in a flat file and have a cron job to sync the data to postgres daily or create a simple form to create/modify entries directly in postgres
=== Updates on Alaska ===
Raymond and Eduardo met with Joseph and decided to have the tool running as is for now even though maintaining it can be hard
The future plan is to move the platform to Google colab to reduce maintainance work.
==Nameservice discussion==
*Getting a token has worked for Chris and Ranjana
*Karen and Daniela need to get tokens
==Noctua GO-CAM updates==
*Noctua is a production tool available for annotations right now
*Create as many interconnected models and make available for curators is the ongoing goal
*Reactome models are in the process of being imported
*Real time validation messages as curation is being done, is being worked on
*Kimberly will send out the details for logging into Noctua and make sure all curators are on the login list
== March 19, 2020 ==
=== Citace Upload ===
* Tuesday, March 31st
=== Latest ACEDB ===
* Getting latest ACEDB build from staging FTP (for descriptions, etc.)
=== Storing email addresses/persons to omit from requests ===
* Chris and Juancarlos will work on a form to submit email addresses and WBPerson IDs to Postgres
=== Mailing lists ===
* Let Todd know if you want to keep your caltech.edu account on the mailing lists
==March 26th==
===Community curation===
*Do we need to publicize any data form and urge Users to contribute? The AFP and phenotype forms already send targeted e-mail
* Paul S. is getting people from the lab to do phenotype curation; Chris G will run a tutorial for interested people
* Blog about phenotype form to make people generally aware
* Could the phenotype form be adapted for other species? Possibly but depends on:
** Whether genotypes could be loaded and recognized
=== AFP for older papers ===
* Discussed recently
* Many (all?) Old papers have already gone through the old AFP pipeline
* Need to check what has already been curated
=== Omit form ===
* http://tazendra.caltech.edu/~postgres/cgi-bin/omit_form.cgi
* Can view, add, or edit persons, email addresses, and IP addresses to omit from email requests (and IP addresses to block)
=== Problems accessing Textpresso Central ===
* Ranjana had noticed that the server was acting slow
* Unknown problem; hard to pin down
* Definitely a Caltech network system
* Issue for past couple of weeks
* May be able to ask Caltech IMSS for a diagnostic analysis
* Bad switch? Maybe; there is an unused switch that could be used to test
** Maybe should dedicate an ethernet socket to the server(s) (avoiding switch altogether)
* Tazendra is good, mangolassi seems to have had some trouble recently as well
* All on subnet 52; Raymond has been monitoring and seems to be working well; could suggest a local (e.g. computer-specific, switch-specific) issue
=== Automated concise pathway descriptions? ===
* Could we generate pathway descriptions based on, for example, GO-CAM models?
* Might be straightforward if clear guidelines can be documented (important players/genes, important/central functions/processes)
=== Genotype OA on Sandbox ===
* http://mangolassi.caltech.edu/~postgres/cgi-bin/oa/ontology_annotator.cgi
* Take a look and send feedback to Juancarlos and Chris
=== Name Service temp submission for strain and variation to Postgres ===
* Sandbox: http://mangolassi.caltech.edu/~postgres/cgi-bin/temp_objects.cgi
* Adding strains or variations will create the object in the Name Service as well as add it to Postgres
* Test it and make sure it works; NOTE: Creating objects on both Mangolassi AND Tazendra will create real object entries in the Name Service; if testing on the Sandbox, make sure to tell Paul Davis and Matt Russell to remove test submissions from the Name Service

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