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* we will keep the names as they are.  
* we will keep the names as they are.  
* for the term 'Pn.p hermaphrodite' Raymond will change the name into  'Pn.p in hermaphrodite'
* for the term 'Pn.p hermaphrodite' Raymond will change the name into  'Pn.p in hermaphrodite'
== September 12, 2019 ==
=== Update on SVM pipeline ===

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August 1, 2019

Life stage public names missing in WS271

  • Did we ever get a patch in for this?
  • WormMine only has WBls IDs (no public name) for almost all life stages
  • Wen will resend the patch file

2020 WB NAR paper

  • Who's contributing?
    • Raymond, Chris, Ranjana, Valerio, Daniela, Kimberly
  • Topics
    • Automated descriptions
    • Ontology tools (SObA)
    • Community curation
    • Author first pass

2019 IWM Workshop videos

  • On YouTube, but not public yet
  • Chris will make them public and send links to Ranjana for the blog post

August 15, 2019

GO Alliance slim terms

  • We need to update our GO slim terms for WB GO ribbons to be in sync with Alliance
  • May need to watch out for terms that don't apply to worms
  • Raymond gets slim terms into Solr from OBO release file; Sibyl collecting from different source; should make the same (pull from WB FTP site?)

Phenotype ontology patternization

August 22, 2019

Obsolete ontology terms in Postgres

Community phenotype requests

  • Sent out new round of phenotype requests on August 20, 21, and 22 (today) 2019
  • 2,627 emails/papers requested
  • 112 emails bounced; 4 resent to new addresses
  • 205 Phenotype OA community annotations; 55 RNAi OA annotations, from 47 papers, by 42 distinct community curators (so far)
  • Also, 3 worksheets submitted, for 4 papers
  • 35 papers flagged as not having phenotypes
  • 86 papers with responses (3% response; still early)
  • Need to coordinate with the AFP request pipeline

GO slim terms

  • SObA highlights Alliance slim terms, but doesn't correspond to ribbon
  • Want to use same slim terms used for ribbons
  • Add slim terms into ACEDB? One option
  • Ribbon order of slim terms is an issue
  • Decided not to store ribbon info (slim terms and term order) in ACEDB, but rather in web code
  • Will have to manually synchronize with Alliance if Alliance changes its ribbon

August 29, 2019

Caltech use of Hinxton name service

  • Name service :
  • API documentation :
  • Sibyl is wondering :
    • "it would be nice to know when and how curators use the name service. And does any script managed by Caltech write data into the name services?"
    • "what needs to be done to adopt the new name service. For example, what concern do you or the curators have about adopting the new name service, what kind of tests will allow the curators to trust that the new name service is working correctly, what changes to the new name service is needed for Caltech to be able to use it."
  • Daniela, Chris, Karen are the only Caltech curators who use it.
  • Daniela's workflow is :
    • Look up variation through OA
    • Look up variation through name service (what's the URL for that ?)
    • Create object through name service, then enter information
    • Create temporary entry for OA through Caltech postgres services
  • Juancarlos has emailed Sibyl + Matt + Caltech with what we know so far. Karen and Chris, please reply if you have other name service uses beyond what Daniela does.
  • Name service google/wormbase login doesn't work right now for Caltech curators, Matt's been asked to add people.

Anatomy term names

  • While going through the concise descriptions text Daniela have noted down some terms that could benefit from having a more descriptive name.
    • e.g.: Pn.p hermaphrodite -> Pn.p hermaphrodite vulval precursor cell. e.g. P3.p hermaphrodite (WBbt:0008112) -> P3.p hermaphrodite vulval precursor cell

List of other potential terms:

AB -> embryonic founder cell AB
EMS -> embryonic founder cell EMS -> should the definition of EMS be changed from ‘Embryonic cell’ to ‘Embryonic founder cell’? See WormAtlas founder cell definition.
C -> embryonic founder cell C
D ->  embryonic founder cell D
E ->  embryonic founder cell E
MS -> embryonic founder cell MS
Psub1 -> embryonic founder cell Psub1 (or simply embryonic founder cell P1)
Psub2 -> embryonic founder cell Psub2
Psub3 -> embryonic founder cell Psub3
Psub4 -> germline founder cell Psub4 
G1 -> Postembryonic blast cell G1 
G2 -> Postembryonic blast cell G2
  • we will keep the names as they are.
  • for the term 'Pn.p hermaphrodite' Raymond will change the name into 'Pn.p in hermaphrodite'

September 12, 2019

Update on SVM pipeline