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* Has anyone been working with Anita Bandrowski on this?  
* Has anyone been working with Anita Bandrowski on this?  
* It seems to have the same aims as our GSA markup pipeline.
* It seems to have the same aims as our GSA markup pipeline.
* examples http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2202/16/25/ & https://scicrunch.org/resolver/RRID:CGC_N2
=== Lab head email list (Mary Ann) ===
=== Lab head email list (Mary Ann) ===

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December 10, 2105

RRID (Mary Ann)

Lab head email list (Mary Ann)

  • Request from Ann (CGC) to have a single email address containing all lab heads.
  • Used sparingly to send the community important announcements etc.

December 3, 2015

Datomic conversion

  • There are automated conversion systems being established to convert ACEDB data and models into Datomic
  • The Datomic data models and querying language may take some time to get used to
  • Curators will likely need to work with a models "master" to make model changes
  • Being able to perform complex queries is an important requirement
  • (Mary Ann) Datomic table maker (from Thomas) is reasonably intuitive and should be helpful to users

Wen's data viz proposal

  • Tool or graphic? We would like a tool
  • Question about sustainability: what happens after a tool is developed?
  • Proposal looks good, but need to specify requirements for maintenance and data updates
  • Is it possible to recreate SPELL with a new/different API and/or interface? Likely problematic

SObA phenotype graph

  • Juancarlos has been working on integrating into
  • http://juancarlos.wormbase.org , look at a gene page, open Phenotype Graph widget
  • Looks great, maybe need to tweak the legend position

Uberon linking to WormBase anatomy ontology

  • Chris Mungall had established connections between the two
  • We don't have a current plan to make these fully integrated