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=== Progress Report ===
=== Progress Report ===
* Review Google Doc from Paul to make sure you're latest updates are there
* Review Google Doc from Paul to make sure you're latest updates are there
* Doc here:  
* Doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f3ettnkvwoKKiaAA4TSrpSQPEF7FmVVn6u2UdflA_So/edit?usp=sharing
===Genotype class===
===Genotype class===

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GoToMeeting link: https://www.gotomeet.me/wormbase1

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May 7, 2020

Alliance COVID Page

  • Available on stage
  • Textpresso for Coronavirus up for testing

SimpleMine at Alliance

  • Still some confusion about what it is
  • Will try to help clarify on PI meeting on Friday

Development environment for Alliance work

  • Raymond and Juancarlos have been working on
  • Existing hardware is strained; set up virtual machine
  • Still some technical issues

Open Publishing Festival

  • Later this month
  • Micropublications involved
  • Organized by the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation
  • Will involve publishers of books, journals, etc.
  • Will have a MOD-focused event, would be good to have WB curators participate/attend
  • Open to all

Genotype class

  • Ranjana finished populating the Genotype OA with genotypes needed for disease curation
  • Will need to keep in mind that we will have a mapping pipeline to determine which genes are involved for a variation
  • There could end up being a discrepancy between an original or published name of a genotype and the components that are inferred by WormBase
  • Would be good to be clear/transparent about which components were automatically inferred


  • Pipelines are pushed back by about 14 days/2 weeks

May 13, 2020

SURF students

  • Welcome Fernando!
  • Will work on neuron function with respect to dauer formation

Progress Report

Genotype class

  • Have 27 genotypes in the genotype OA, dumper and test .ace file ready
  • Will test ace file in citace as soon as we get the new models file, can also send to Paul D., in advance to test
  • Disease OA annotations now converted to the newly created genotypes where needed
  • Need to work on disease dumper changes next

What genes should be linked to genotypes?

  • We have a "Gene" tag in the ?Genotype model for capturing relevant genes
  • What should we consider a "relevant gene"?
  • We plan to populate the "Gene" tag with genes identified by the variation-to-gene mapping pipeline
  • For transgenes, what genes should be extracted as "relevant"? Genes whose promoters are cloned? Genes that are expressed? Genes whose 3'UTR's are cloned? Wild type rescue genes used as a marker/selection tool, e.g. "unc-119(+)"?
  • For rearrangements, consider relevant any genes "inside" the rearrangement?

Volunteer Community Curators

  • Have had an additional 13 people volunteer
  • Single one-on-one tutorial for someone in Hong Kong this past Monday
  • Chris will hold a tutorial today and tomorrow for everyone else
  • Have received many new community annotations from volunteers (and authors), validation still pending