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== November 7, 2019 ==
=== WS275 Citace upload ===
* Maybe Nov 22 upload to Hinxton
* CIT curators upload to Spica on Tues Nov 19
=== ?Genotype class ===
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/19hP9r6BpPW3FSAeC_67FNyNq58NGp4eaXBT42Ch3gDE/edit?usp=sharing Working data model document]
* Several classes have a "Genotype" tag with text entry
** Strain
** 2_point_data
** Pos_neg_data
** Multi_pt_data
** RNAi
** Phenotype_info
** Mass_spec_experiment (no data as of WS273)
** Condition
* Collecting all genotype text entries yields ~33,000 unique entries, with many different forms:
** Species entries, like "Acrobeloides butschlii wild isolate" or "C. briggsae"
** Strain entries, like "BA17[fem-1(hc-17)]" or "BB21" or "BL1[pK08F4.7::K08F4.7::GFP; rol-6(+)]"
** Anonymous transgenes, like "BEC-1::GFP" or "CAM-1-GFP" or "Ex[Pnpr-9::unc-103(gf)]"
** Complex constructs, like "C56C10.9(gk5253[loxP + Pmyo-2::GFP::unc-54 3' UTR + Prps-27::neoR::unc-54 3' UTR + loxP]) II"
** Text descriptions, like "Control" or "WT" or "Control worms fed on HT115 containing the L4440 vector without insert" or "N.A."
** Bacterial genotypes, like "E. coli [argA, lysA, mcrA, mcrB, IN(rrnD-rrnE)1, lambda-, rcn14::Tn10(DE3 lysogen::lavUV5 promoter -T7 polymerase]"
** Including balancers, like "F26H9.8(ok2510) I/hT2 [bli-4(e937) let-?(q782) qIs48] (I;III)"
** Reference to parent strain, like "Parent strain is AG359"
** Referring to RNAi, like "Pglr-1::wrm-1(RNAi)" or "Phsp-6::gfp; phb-1(RNAi)"
** Referring to apparent null or loss of function alleles, like "Phsp-4::GFP(zcIs4); daf-2(-)" or "ced-10(lf)"
=== Gene comparison SObA ===
* http://wobr2.caltech.edu/~azurebrd/cgi-bin/soba_multi.cgi?action=Gene+Pair+to+SObA+Graph
== November 14, 2019 ==
=== TAGC meeting ===
* The Allied Genetics Conference next April (2020) in/near Washington DC
* Abstract deadline is Dec 5th
* Alliance has a shared booth (3 adjacent booths)
* Micropublications will have a booth (Karen and Daniela will attend)
* Focus will be on highlighting the Alliance
* Workshop at NLM in days following TAGC about curation at scale (Kimberly attending and chairing session)
=== Alliance all hands meeting ===
* Lightning talk topics?
** Single cell RNA Seq (Eduardo)
** SimpleMine? (Wen)
** SObA? (Raymond); still working on multi-species SObA
** Phenotype community curation?
** Micropublications?
** AFP?
=== Alliance general ===
* Alliance needs a curation database
** A curation working group was proposed
** What needs to happen to get this going?
** Would include text mining tools/resources
** Would be good to have something like the curation status form
** MODs likely have their own special requirements, but there should probably be at least a common minimal set of features
** Variant sequence curation could be a good first start (if all MODs handle their own variant sequence curation) as a common data type
* Micropubs pushing data submission forms; might as well house them within the Alliance
* Would be good to have a common (or individually relevant) AFP form(s) for all Alliance members
** Maybe MOD curators can manage configuration files to indicate what is relevant for their species
** First priority is to focus on automatically recognizable entities/features from papers
== November 21, 2019 ==
=== Textpresso: merging main docs and supps? ===
* Currently, Textpresso searches in paper main documents and all individual supplemental documents separately
* This results in possibly getting many results for the same publication, each scored and displayed separately
* Do we want Texptpresso to search on a single, consolidated file containing the main document of a paper AND the supplementals?
* Currently, the scoring algorithm is often scoring supplemental documents higher than main papers, presumably due to a weighting of documents in which there is a higher percentage of sentences with matches to the keyword(s)
* This cannot be done completely manually; agreed, this would have to be largely (completely?) automated
* Would be good to check how PMC/Europe PMC handles articles in which main docs and supps are consolidated into a single PDF already (in addition to individual files)
* Detecting duplicated sentences would be useful, but may be quite a thorny issue (need to research)
* Chris will update GitHub ticket to ask Sibyl to NOT search on C. elegans supplementals, for now, and only search on main documents
=== Europe PMC: biocuration landscape analysis ===
* Dayane Araújo has asked that a curator (Chris currently) attend a conference call (next Monday, Nov 25) hosted by Europe PMC about assessing biocuration across databases
* Chris has asked for details but has so far not received anything specific
* Should we attend? Yes, at least to listen. If complex questions come up, we can just tell them we'll look it up
* Would be great if there were aggregated references for particular datasets so that users of data and analyses could be given all references to properly cite in their own article

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