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April 1, 2021


  • Alignment of the antibody class to Alliance:
    • Propose to move possible_pseudonym (192) and Other_animal (37) to remarks. Those tags are not currently used for curation.
      • Other animal is sometimes used for older annotations, e.g. authors say that the antibodies were raised both in rats and rabbits. Standard practice would create 2 records, one for the rat antibody and one for the rabbit.
      • Possible pseudonym was used when a curator was not able to unambiguously assign a previous antibody to a record. (we have a Other name -synonym- tag to capture unambiguous ones).

When moving to remarks we can keep a controlled vocabulary for easy future parsing, e.g. “possible_pseudonym:”

    • Antigen field: currently separated into Protein, peptide, and other_antigen (e.g.: homogenate of early C.elegans embryos, sperm). Propose to use just one antigen field to capture antigen info.

Sometime is arbitrary assigning protein or peptide Antigen "Protein" Protein "Amino acids 348 to 431 were used to form GST-UNC-29 recombinant protein."

Antigen "Protein" Protein "Residues 181 to 300."

Antigen "Protein" Protein "Polyclonal rabbit antibodies were raised against an amino-terminal fragment of POD-1”

Antigen "Peptide" Peptide "Amino acids 136 to 152."

Antigen "Peptide" Peptide "Amino acids 396 to 762."