Working Group:Sequence Features

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  • Display of Sequence Features on the website
    • And Transcription factors and Gene_product binds.
  • Stream out working flow
  • Sample papers curation
    • Prepare a paper list from each person
  • assign meaningful names to the public_name field, e.g. 'distal enhancer 1' instead of 'DE1'

Pre-Jamboree prep

  • Suggestions for work
    • Curate some (5? 10?) papers from our lists and collate data as follows
      • How long did each paper take to curate
      • How many new objects did you add to WormBase
      • Where in the paper was the information (e.g. supplementary data, figure legends, within text)
      • Did you need to contact the author for more information
      • Did you come across data for other curators

The Jamboree 15-17th Sept 2014

  • Suggestions for work
    • Discuss result from above
    • Work through some papers which have already been curated and have different data types (e.g. promoter and gene regulation) to identify best curation practices.