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  • Review our current outreach avenues and social media strategy
  • Survey other projects and their outreach mechanisms
  • Explore online issue reporting, such as GetSatisfaction


  • Consolidate outreach vehicles
  • Define communication policy


Ideas and Suggestions for Online outreach

  • The blog seems hidden, could we make it more easy to find, prominent? Maybe make the link more prominent?
  • Have a weekly 'Did you know?' section on the blog or a separate section, link from front page, this would be used to alert users to already existing resources like tools, data files, not so easy to find data sets, etc.
  • Go back to publishing the WormBase Newsletter and make it available from the front page in both PDF and HTML formats (but not go back to e-mailing). Items here would be longer and a bit more detailed.
  • Have a section for tutorials for major data types and tools, link from front page, could link to the User guide as well, as both serve similar purposes?
  • Have a 'Curation News' section, link from front page. Would have the monthly increases to data--statistics, include the release notes, information about changes to data that would affect coming web display, new data sets coming to WormBase etc,.