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In order to make the website widgets work within the mobile webapp, it's been necessary to (in order):

  • Remove some functions
  • Fix links
  • Make some fixes / JS events
  • Make some elements responsive

All these steps are executed by the processWidgets method of the Widget View class.

Removed stuff

  • script elements - as they may cause errors that break the ajax navigation.
  • Cytoscape Web components have been removed because they use flash.
  • Sequence popups have been removed because at the time the processWidget function was written, there wasn't an easy way to implement them.
  • Star icons in some widgets (such as references), as login / favorites functions are not present in the webapp
  • Search count summary in the references widget
  • Sequence download - removed both buttons and content from the DOM
  • Google map removed from the Natural isolates widget
  • Blast details popup

URL Fixing

JS Fixes

Responsive elements