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The home page is called with an empty hash or #home


The history page is only opened with the #history hash.


In order to go to the search page, the #search hash is used.

If we need to get the results of a search, we query the app with #search/className/query. Example: #search/gene/unc-26


In order to view a wormbase object, we use an hash with the following format: #object/class/WormBaseID

Browse Species

  • #species: show the Genus list.
  • #species/genusName: display the Specie list within a Genus.
  • #species/genusName/specieName: loads the list of available classes for a Specie
  • #species/genusName/specieName/className: show a list of all the objects of that class that match the given specie
  • #species/genusName/specieName/className/query: filter the previous list

Browse Resources

  • #resources: display the resource types list
  • #resources/className: show a list of all the resources that match the given type/class
  • #resources/className/query: filter the previous list


The about page is called with the #about hash