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If you are a member of the WormBase project on github - you can help us maintain the website! Right from your browser.

Maintain external links

1. Go to Make sure you're on the staging branch.

   External urls 1.png

2. Click on edit. The code will become an interactive text editor where you can make your changes.

You can help us by adding new entries or maintaining current entries. All entries should be in the form:

   = { description =  'Short description of this resource, will appear when hovering over link'
       maintainer  =  'John Smith'
       email       =  ''
       base        = ''
       search      = ''

If you're adding a new entry, try to place it in alphabetical order in the list:

   Exampe url.png

3. When you are done editing the file, scroll to the bottom. Fill in commit summary and extended description.


4. When you're ready to save your changes, click on commit changes. In a few minutes your changes will be available on

The web team will bring your changes over to production once everything is thoroughly tested and ready.