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As of November 2010, this matrix covers 98% of requests.

Win XP Win 7 Mac 10.5 Mac 10.6
Firefox 3.0 A-grade
Firefox 3.6 A-grade A-grade A-grade
Chrome 4.0 A-grade
IE 8.0 A-grade A-grade
IE 7.0 A-grade
IE 6.0 A-grade
Safari 4.0 A-grade A-grade

Grade Level Definitions


A-grade support is the highest support level. By taking full advantage of the powerful capabilities of modern web standards, the A-grade experience provides advanced functionality and visual fidelity.

A-grade browsers are identified on a whitelist. Approximately 96% of our audience enjoys an A-grade experience.

Summary: A-grade browsers are identified, capable, modern and common. QA tests all A-grade browsers, and bugs are addressed with high priority.