WebDev 2016.05.03-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administrative update

2. JBrowse

  • Speed improvements from trimming metadata.
  • Changing default track selector to hierarchical list of checkboxes (but providing the faceted selector via a plugin I wrote)
  • Fixed modENCODE, Blast and Blat links in GBrowse rubberband dropdown (Submitter plugin not configured correctly)

Working on:

  • Migrating JBrowse to 1.12.1 (currently on 1.11.6)
  • Integrating JBrowse build into main website build (currently are stand alone scripts)
  • Investigating why some name searches are really slow in GBrowse
  • Starting work with Intermine and general web-dev.

3. Website

  • WS253 is stable.
    • Obtained new OMIM API key and problem with disease page is fixed.
    • Would like to discuss how to handle external data used to display things in context (such as OMIM term title displayed instead of OMIM ID ). External API (current solution) vs incorporating into WB data build vs index into search engine.
  • Human variation on worm protein: http://dev.wormbase.org:9015/
    • TODO:
      • add legend
      • add a 'Help' popup with a list of tips
      • performance improvement
  • LEGO: http://dev.wormbase.org:9004/
    • todo: reduce redundant nodes.

4. Database MIgration

5. Intermine

6. uMOD