WebDev 2016.05.03-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administrative update

2. JBrowse

  • Speed improvements from trimming metadata.
  • Changing default track selector to hierarchical list of checkboxes (but providing the faceted selector via a plugin I wrote)
  • Fixed modENCODE, Blast and Blat links in GBrowse rubberband dropdown (Submitter plugin not configured correctly)

Working on:

  • Migrating JBrowse to 1.12.1 (currently on 1.11.6)
  • Integrating JBrowse build into main website build (currently are stand alone scripts)
  • Investigating why some name searches are really slow in GBrowse
  • Starting work with Intermine and general web-dev.

3. Website

4. Database MIgration

5. Intermine

6. uMOD