WebDev 2016.04.12-Agenda and Minutes

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Minutes for Web Dev Weekly Call (Apr 12, 2016)


  • Finished work to allow user to rearrange categories in UI
  • Improve track selection with a plugin, between a simple vs detailed/full view

ToDo: - look into options to draw users attention to the new feature.



Datomic & website migration

  • took the minimal necessary changes for website - Clojure API integration.
    • so further Clojure API generally doesn't require code changes in website repo
  • Still waiting for Data for WS252 to be correct


  • we moved docker image storage to the mounted drive, so it won't use up root directory space
  • building the image for WormBase/website has been built
  • TODO this week:
    • testing running container from the image
    • creating documentation and a small get started tutorial for team