WebDev 2016.02.23-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative notes

Web development

WS252 widget related issues mostly resolved, except genetic widget on variation page and (something else). Bioproject suffix issues with multiple strains from the same species are resolved Comversation with GO people about gene model graph

Data visualization

- committed gbrowse file - jbrowse: - jq tool:

  • really easy to insert a field into all JSON objects
  • doubles as a JSON validator, helped fixing some formatting issues

- found and fixed 2 missing tracks - Working with WebApollo people on handling subtracks

Database migration

- Working with Juancarlos to get him access to Datomic REST API - Split repo into one repo per project:

  • ACeDB to Datomic
  • ...

- Will finish setting up DynamoDB ready to run ACeDB to Datomic, needs to:

  • configure transactor for DynamoDB
  • setup permission
  • wait on model file from hinxton

- Working on documentation

Intermine / InterMOD progress

Outstanding issues

Nothing needs discussion.