WebDev 2015.02.06-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration update (Todd; 5 minute)

2. WS246 / WS247 development status (Sibyl)

  • Discussion on improving FPKM images
  • Elsevier paper linking to WormBase, fixed search bugs so linking works correctly
  • Interval search progress - via GFF or Ace
    • LS: Tabix format for indexing a GFF file

3. Mozilla Science Project - hackathon

  • March 7th and 8th
  • GW has an application for showing genomic structural rearrangements -- could be an interactive application
  • LEGO plots for genomic variation
    • Show all six nucleotides and tri-nucleotide context

4. JBrowse/GBrowse update status (Scott)

  • Takes as input file from GBrowse build output that lists features and types present in GFF
  • Requires 24 hours on dev instance
  • Most WormBase data is done
  • modENCODE data is proving slower to port
  • Tracks for mimicking heat map glyph
  • Compressing tracks with very long citations
    • LS: Could they be popovers/rollovers

5. Intermine development update (Todd, for Paulo in absentia)

6. OAuth discussion

  • Also use something that works with ORCID.
  • If we use an ORCID ID, we can associate users with papers.