WebDev 2014.06.24-Agenda and Minutes

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Administration Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

WS244 development priorities (Abby, all)

Development update (Sibyl)

Development update (Kenan)

G/JBrowse update (Scott)


  • Admin
    • Thanks for work with WS243 freeze
    • going out at the end of this week
    • couple outstanding issues

    • Last week - upgraded development instance
      • ephemeral storage - goes away when rebooted
      • eveyone log off tonight - relocate /home directory to bigger mount

    • Quarterly performance reviews - casual
      • have to do annual reviews, better to do on a quarterly basis
      • next week (15-30 minutes), Abby, Sibyl, Scott
      • monthly progress reports

  • WS244
    • going through smaller issues next couple weeks
    • re-evaluate mid-cycle and prioritize certain issues
    • on dev next week

  • Sibyl
    • Documentation and Development
    • Last week
      • 3/4 issues - all very different. Mostly adding/modifying features.
    • This week
      • issues slightly more complicated - DO page work, getting expression profile from legacy code, CDS, mobile site.
      • will go through and update page while working, otherwise will make list of things to work on after issues
      • Disease page
        • TH: we should move towards making pages with more mash up - get info from OMIM (REST)