WebDev 2013.10.25-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

2. InterMine handover status (JD, Joachim;15 minutes)

3. InterMine status (JD; 10 minutes)

  • WS239 mine has been released, but I have discovered duplicate records caused by the addition of new species. The configuration has been updated, but a new build must be compiled. Until then, the mine will be rolled back to WS238.
  • The process of automating second-degree ( record -> middleman record -> annotation ) is 50-75% done. Branch "upgrade-loader" contains work and can be found on git.

4. Discuss WS239 issues (all; 10 minutes)

  • location hotfix ready

5. Define WS240 plans (all; 15 minutes)

6. Open Table (all; 5 minutes)